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Esoterica Tobacco

Esoterica launched to fill a void after the famous Smoker's Haven blends went off the market. A collaboration between Steve Richman of Piedmont Tobacconist and J. F. Germain brought these blends back to market under the Esoterica label. 

Availability is still a problem, and I have no way of telling you when the next shipment will arrive. So, please, call 1-877-327-4279 for what we have in stock.

In a normal shipment, we will get Penzance, Stonehaven, Pembroke, Margate, And So To Bed, Balkan Sobranie and Ramsgate. In recent shipments, I have seen Dorchester, Hastings, Peacehaven, and Brighton. Blends I haven't seen in a while: Blackpool, Cardif, Dunbar, Kingsbridge, Scarborough, St. Ives, Tilbury, and Woodbridge. 

Again, please, call 1-877-327-4279 for availability.