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Astleys - No. 2 Mixture 50g - Ribbon Cut Tobacco

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Golden Virginas provide a lemony/grassy base to this blend while Red Virginas and Perique offer some complexity in the background. With such a light blend of Perique, the body moves only to the mild + or possibly the medium body level, and the Golden Virginas keep the flavor to an absolute subtle level.

Astleys No. 2 makes a unique offer to the market: an all day Perique blend. Lots of times the Perique takes over a blend, but it is definitely a condiment in this blend. It's there, I can taste It, but it doesn't dominate the smoke. The Golden Virginias dominate the blend with its lemony notes, and the Red Virginas offer a pleasant sweetness too. This blend would be great if you wanted an all day smoke with a dash of Perique.

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