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Elliott Pipes - Shape 55

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Oh, the Shape 55 from Castello. A customer asked if I could make him one of these, and I said of course I can,  not a problem. Now, the Castello is known for its Billiard bowl with elongated chin.  So, what I did was I made the sides less pudgy. This gives the bowl a more traditional Billiard look. Still, I left the point on this tobacco pipe.

Then, I sloped the chin with more of an angle through the vulcanite stem. That angle brings in a hawksbill look that’s more in line with the arc lines created by the chin of this smoking pipe. That yellow stem brightens up the dark stain. And, the length makes this tobacco pipe more of a nose warmer. Nose warmers are popular right now, so I added my own to the field. You’ll have to find this one in the wild, because it’s already sold. 

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