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Samuel Gawith Tobacco - Perfection 50g - Ribbon Cut

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Perfection is a tobacco of legend; originally blended for a customer in Gawith’s shop who couldn’t find his usual blend. The customer took one smoke of the blend and exclaimed, “Perfection!” Brown and golden Virginias are the base, and Latakia builds the walls with a dash of Turkish. The whole blend carries a vanilla topping which serves only to smooth the Latakia. Body comes in on the lighter end of things, but the flavor stretches to the middle.

 I can see what the customer was excited about. The Latakia seemed most forward to me with the other components serving as compliments. Meanwhile, the Virginias were present but struck as a background player. I notice the vanilla flavor early and often though, but I would characterize the vanilla as an accent not the dominate flavor. I would confirm the mild body and might move the flavor to the lighter end myself. This would probably make an enjoyable, all-day English tobacco.

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