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Samuel Gawith Tobacco - Commonwealth 50g - Ribbon Cut

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Samuel Gawith Commonwealth tobacco


Full Strength Mixture

Thereâ€â„¢s Virginia and Latakia - thatâ€â„¢s it. Samuel Gawith lists the ingredients in equal portion too, so this should be a full body, bold flavor smoke. The Latakia Loverâ€â„¢s dream. 

Well, I certainly didnâ€â„¢t taste anything other than Latakia and Virginia. The surprising thing though is the Latakia failed to overwhelm the Virginias. A pleasant natural sweetness dances along side the smoky, earthy for a well balanced smoke. They body and flavor both max out their spectrum for sure, so Iâ€â„¢d recommend this one for an end of the day smoke.

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