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Samuel Gawith Tobacco - Celtic Talisman 50g - Ribbon Cut

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Kirsch, a brandy made from morello cherries. This clear liquor imparts a deep cherry flavor with a hint of alcohol, so the aged Virginias get an accident to their natural sweetness and citrus qualities. Burley adds a touch of body and helps absorb much of the Kirsch-topping, which is applied to a generous portion of black Cavendish. Expect a mild body, medium flavor, and an excellent room-note. 

I got no tongue bite from this aromatic, and that was the first of many surprises. The other big one was a near perfect match between the way it smelled in the tin and tasted in the pipe. The cherry liquor is certainly forward, but I detect the nutty Burleys lying just below the surface. I might would keep the body at a mild, but I could see it being a mild + for others. If you’re looking for an aromatic to smoke around other people, I would definitely recommend giving this one a try.

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