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Gawith & Hoggarth Tobaccos - American Delight 50g - Shag Cut Tobacco

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Old family receipes are a protected species. When someone else tries one, I'm always doubtful of the results. Gawith and Hoggarth gives us their try at an American aromatic. They bring together their world-famous Virginias with a touch of Burley and some flavored Cavendish. Chocolate, Fruit, and Vanilla top the Cavendishes for a more subtle flavor than many American varities. Still, they keep the body to a minimum while leaving a pleasant room note.

Like I said, I get nervous when someone else recreates a family classic. It's never like home and something just ain't right about it. Still, Gawith and Hoggarth succeed better than many I've tried. The flavor of chocolate and fruit blend delightfully without taking over the tobacco flavor. Burleys take some of the heat out of the Virginias, so this makes for a smooth burning smoke. I don't think G&H have converted me to an aromatic smoker, but I'd definitelysmoke this again.

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