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Peter Heinrich's Tobacco

Peter Heinrich makes decadent tobacco blends for an elegant smoke. These mixtures combine simple toppings and the highest quality tobaccos from around the world. From humble beginnings, Peter Heinrich build a source that meets the standards for a luxury worthy of pipe smoking.

Peter Heinrich began his career in his parents' shop. He quickly the shop and squirreled away a bit of money. Peter kept his eyes open for his opportunity. He knew that the family shop could only take him so far. 

Heinrich found his chance with a wholesale business in his hometown of Cologne. The intricacies of the tobacco industry fascinated him. Sources for pipes and cigars moved around the world, so Peter traveled everywhere to find the best.

When the chance came to sell the wholesale business, Peter Heinrich gladly accepted. He made a profit that made retirement possible at 30 years old. He accomplished what he set out to do already, but he couldn't sit still.

So, Heinrich went back home to Cologne and opened his own shop. He wanted to retail his favorite smokes, cigars and pipe tobacco. His shop and lounge attracted folks from all over the world. Customers found a comfortable place to smoke and a home for the limited release.

Never satisfied with a little success, Peter Heinrich began to make some of the blends featured in his shop. He used contacts from the wholesale business to source tobacco for his blends. The results are full-flavored, yet natural tobaccos. These pipe smoking mixtures are only accented with subtle flavors.

Peter Heinrich built a legacy for indulgent tobaccos from a start in the small family store. He kept expanding his knowledge of the industry and growing success step after step. Now, you can add these elegant tobacco blends to your collection for a luxurious smoke.