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W. O. Larsen Tobacco

Pipe tobacco remains the connoisseur's choice for a smoking experience. The flavors, available for pipe tobacco, span a nearly infinite variety. Through Cavendish processes, manufacturers can generate any flavor they can imagine. W. O. Larsen leads the market with high quality experiments in aromatic tobacco.

            In 1864, Wilhelm Ockenholt Larsen opened a tobacco shop on walking street in Copenhagen, Denmark. He brought in the best blends on the market, but customers soon began to request their own blends. W. O. Larsen and son sought new sources of tobacco. They relied upon friends in the industry and found the highest quality available. 

            Around the 1960s, interest in Danish pipes exploded, and Ole Larsen opened the basement of the family's tobacco shop to pipe makers. At the same time, Danish Aromatics increased in popularity. The Danes produce unique flavor combinations while trying to preserve the tobacco flavor when smoked. The result is a wonderful room note without a loss of tobacco flavor. 

            Ole Larsen entered the Danish aromatic market with a yearly release of new tobacco. He pushed the boundaries of casing tobacco with unheard of flavors. These blends became legendary, and the tradition continues to this day. 

            Niels Larsen was next in line, and he shifted the pipe making side from rare Danish handmades to inexpensive machine-mades. Such a direction change had a negative effect on the family business, but the tobacco shop and brand already had an international reputation. Niels leveraged this reputation to interest the Orlik and Stanwell companies. As a subsidiary, Larsen continued to make the most unique tobaccos while supporting Danish pipe carvers.

            In 2000, Scandinavian Tobacco Group [STG] acquired Stanwell and Orlik, and W. O. Larsen came with the deal. STG continues production of the staple lines of W. O. Larsen and maintains the commitment to quality tobacco with unique flavors. The yearly release of W. O. Larsen's new aromatic, still, excites pipe smokers internationally.

            Aromatic tobaccos can limit themselves simply to desserts. W. O. Larsen brings together dessert, fruit, and alcohol for truly one-of-a-kind flavor profiles. There's more out there for your aromatics, so check out these Danish aromatics. Expand your rotation with a new favorite from W. O. Larsen.


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