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W. O. Larsen Tobacco - 2017 100g - Coarse Cut

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W. O. Larsen stretches the boundaries of aromatics for their legendary Danish aromatics. For the 2017 blend, Wine and citrus are added to the Black Cavendish on the base of renowned Virginias and Burleys. This smooth pipe tobacco is a limited release from W. O. Larsen, so get it while we have it.

The aroma from the wine is the first thing I noticed when I opened a tin. However, the citrus-y, naturally sweet Virginias is what I tasted on first light. The citrus came around the middle of the bowl and stayed for the remainder. Burley stayed in the background while I smoked my pipe bowl. Once again, W. O. Larsen produces a one of a kind aromatic for their 2017 blend. I'd recommend this for anyone looking to try a unique aromatic smoke.

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