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Mac Baren - Solent Mixture 100g - Ribbon Cut Tobacco

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Mac Baren claims this is their oldest tobacco, first appearing in 1950. Now, Solent Mixture combines Cyprian Latakia and Virginas with a touch of Cavendish. The Virginias offer a naturally sweet base for the smokey Latakia while the Cavendish brings some vanilla to the menu. Look for a medium body and a very smoky room note. 

With the addition of Cavendish, Solent Mixture moves into the "lata-matic" category, and some of these can be odd. However, this blend does it right. The Cavendish provided a compliment to the Virginas and smoothed the edges on the Latakia. I found the Virginias to be front and center. Still, you can't miss the Latakia. If you're moving into English blends, this might be a good place to start.

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