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Neerup Pipes - Basic Group 2 - Ball Freehand

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Part Number:Neerup 18
Peder Jeppensen breaks even his own conventions to bring you the best Neerup pipes. Change is hard but can produce wonderful results. Normally, Jeppensen leaves Neerups on the shorter end of smoking pipes. However, he puts a long stem on this tobacco pipe. Longer stems give the smoke a chance to cool down before touching your palette. The subdued yellow stem compliments the deep stain around the smooth bowl. A spot of rustication on the bottom of this smoking pipe gives a bit of grip. Neerup pipes always bring a unique, Danish style, but Peder Jeppensen takes this tobacco pipe to a better level. 

5.875 inches long, 2 inches tall, 2.10 ounces

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