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Peterson Tobaccos - Royal Yacht - Ribbon Cut

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Part Number:Peterson Tobaccos 12

Yellow and bright Virginias provide the base for this aromatic blend. The added flavor is plum, which serves to accent the sweetness of the Virginias. Despite being a Virginia blend, the body rates as a heavy and the flavor comes in at bold. A distinct smoking experience.

Well, this is a unique little blend. First of all, give this one a bit of drying time before packing it. This will give the plum topping a chance to vent and bring out more of the natural Virginia flavors. After letting mine dry for 15 minutes, the plum flavor still dominated the first third of the bowl, but a naturally sweet and some-what bready Virginia showed up after that and took over the rest of the bowl. The body on this one is stout. I’d definitely recommend eating something before lightning up. Enjoy this one at the end of the day.

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