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Peterson's Tobacco - Sherlock Holmes 50g - Ribbon Cut

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One of Peterson's more fruity aromatics brings together mostly Virginias. There is some report that Burleys make an appearance in this blend, but that is up for debate. Given the Virginia base to the aromatic, this one might burn a little hotter, so you might try drying it out a bit. Also, the Virginias should keep the body and flavor toward the lighter end.

I would even go so far as to debate the casing idea. Yes, there is a strong citrus flavor to Sherlock Holmes, but I think it may be more due to the Virginias than any flavoring. This blend does want to be nursed. Any more than three puffs in rapid succession, and tongue bite could be a concern. That being said: the mature Virginias are delightful and burn evenly all the way down the bowl. I detect Reds and Goldens, so I get a little of the natural sweetness with a strong dose of the citrus. I'd recommend this for the experienced Virginia smoker.

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