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Peterson Tobacco - Connoisseur's Choice 50g - Ribbon Cut

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Connoisseur's Choice brings together some unique flavors: citrus, vanilla, and rum. Golden and Red Virginias provide a base for the Cavendishes in the blend. The flavoring is likely to be mild + to medium, but the Virginias should keep the body to a light, light +. 

First, I was pleasantly surprised by Connoisseur's Choice tasting very much like it smells in the tin. The fruit and rum shine from the first light while the vanilla plays a background role. The vanilla is always there, but it doesn't dominate the blend. The Golden Virginias compliment the fruit casing, and Red Virginias support the vanilla. As expected, the flavoring is more toward the medium side of the boldness spectrum, but the body remains light to light +. I would recommend this to you, if you are looking for a flavorful, everyday aromatic.

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