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One man sets a 5 generation direction.

For Peter Stokkebye tobacco, a retailer's desire for quality control sets the direction for five generations. 

Erik-Peter Stokkebye started the family journey in 1882. He opened a small tobacco shop in Odense, Denmark focusing on pipes and cigars. Erik-Peter heard that several Danish manufacturers were closing their doors, and he decided to solve the problem. After buying all 7 factories, he began traveling to meet the people who sourced his tobacco.

After two generations of growth in Denmark, Peter Stokkebye took over the family business in the 1950s. He follows the passion of his father by sustaining those connections with producers. The business takes off under Peter's guidance. The family blends became renowned in Europe over two decades, so Peter moved into the American market in the 1970s. 

One generation later, Scandinavian Tobacco Group took notice and started handling distribution in America by 2012. Max Stokkebye is the pipe tobacco ambassador for STG, so he keeps an eye on the family legacy. With STG in charge, Stokkebye makes most of our favorite bulk blends, so come see what keeps our pipes smoking.
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