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Simple Wonders of Pipe Smoking

Posted by Joe S. Kimbrough II on 1/29/2021

Pipes draw us back time after time with a remarkable simplicity. You only need pipe, tobacco, and fire. From there, we enjoy a moment of relaxation all our own. Pipe smoking rituals form around these three ingredients for perfect moments every time.

However, complications arise from the short list at every turn. YouTube abounds with packing advice. You can find us on there too. [Go Here.] All the advice targets the “Goldilocks’ Place” of not too loose or too tight. Every person with a camera assures a permanent solution to the packing conundrum.

There’s only one problem. These solutions were found after months of poorly packed smoking pipes. Even now I can poorly pack a tobacco pipe. The frustrations of my early days yielded greater consistency. Still, my method predicts no greater success for you than any other. Remember: this is your pipe with your tobacco. Like the first dates with our now wives, none of us knew anything. Same with your pipes and tobacco, we simply must spend time together. I’m beyond confident: you’ve got this. Ask your questions then experiment with the answers. Until you find your smoking pipe ritual. Then, you’ll be the old wise one with all the advice.

Besides packing, breaking in a briar pipe finds equal air time around the internet. Should you coat the bowl in honey? While more ash will stick to the bowl, you also risk clogging the pipe with goop. What if I increase the amount of tobacco in the briar bowl? Sure, you will create a solid cake in the bottom of the bowl. However, you risk creating an uneven cake up the chamber. A wonderful thing occurs with burnt tobacco in a wood pipe: an ash layer will develop on its own. Simply, load the tobacco pipe and smoke it all the way to the bottom. 

 One final complication comes with an increase of pipes and tobaccos. Each pipe maker introduces some variation between pipes. Even with the same bowl shape, packing the bowl requires a little nuance. It’s a slight adaptation for each new pipe like any new friendship. Tobacco adds to this complication. Changes in cut renew the learning curve. Alterations in humidity will effect even one’s most tried-and-true method. Each smoking pipe and tobacco has a character as different as us pipe smokers.

Still, at the end of the day, the experience requires only pipe, tobacco, and fire. This simplicity creates magic in every smoking pipe. The constant experimentation draws new mystery from each pack. A joy of a well smoked bowl brings us back to that unique moment of relaxation. 

The simplicity of the smoking pipe provides the wonder for a lifelong hobby. Each pipe maker creates a personal take on their smoking implement. While tobacco blenders remarkable mixtures with surprising flavors. You too will find the way that works for you. Our daily pipe smoking rituals create relaxing moments all our own. So, just smoke your pipe. You’ll make it your own simple wonder.