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Family shapes our earliest interests for all things. Rudiger Will grew up in the family tobacco factory. Around Buede, Germany, he spent his childhood playing in bales of tobacco. The smells from each variety as it ages stayed with Will to this day.

After high school, Rudiger embraced his passion for tobacco. He quit an internship at Dresdner Bank and began an apprenticeship as a masterblender. He traveled the world studying tobacco farms and production. Virginia and Georgia occupied much of his time.

Passion, then, turned to ambition. Rudiger produced a blend so popular that he sold the family lines. At this time, he joined Reiner Klien of Reiner pipes. The pair began producing handmade pipes while Will kept up the tobacco.

In 1997, Rudiger Will produced his masterwork. Named after the genus of the tobacco plant, Solani Tobacco brings together precisely aged tobaccos with the smallest manufacturing inputs. These blends showcase tobacco in their natural, mature forms. Complexity arises simply from the ingredients. A lifelong journey reaches back to where it began: just the tobacco.
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Solani - Virginia Flake 50g Tobacco
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Solani - Aged Burley Flake 50g Tobacco
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