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Solani Tobacco - Sweet Mystery 50g - Broken Flake Cut

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The sweetest in the Solani line, Sweet Mystery combines three varities of Virginias with rum, chocolate, and black currants. The Virginias are well aged with Reds providing the base for some Goldens. The fruit flavor remains in the background while rum and chocolate are the main players. The broken flake cut makes for a longer, cooler burn, and the body stays on the light end.

People asked me what I was smoking when I lit this one up. One wanted to know if it was a fruit aromatic, but another was just as convinced about the alcohol. I had to admit that I was enjoying the sweet Red Virginias in the mix. Sure, the rum and cherry flavors are there, but I found plenty of Virginia too. I'd recommend this for an all day, delicacy of a smoke. 

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