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Talamona Pipes

Posted by Joe S. Kimbrough II on 7/17/2020

This month, we’re featuring Talamona Pipes by Paolo Croci. Talamona began in 1929 with Cornelio Talamona opening a small, family shop. His son, Cesare, took over the company in the 1940s and ran the business until his wife passed in 2000. After a few years, Paolo takes over and begins the new generation of Talamonas. Our collection features wonderfully classic shapes with Italian style.

Smooth pipes highlight particular grain patterns. A pipe maker selects a briar block and wipes it down with a damp rag. This process brings out the rings and lines of the grain in the briar. Pits and bald spots are the prohibition for smooth finishes, and these challenge the best makers because they can appear anywhere in the tobacco pipe carving process. Paolo Croci relies on these traditions for his "Elite" Series. This series is the highest end of the Talamona pipes. Talamona pipes use lots of straight grain, which dominate the smooth pipe world. The Elite-Calabash is a stunning example. Tight lines dart up the pipe from the bottom of the bowl. Birds eye grain makes an appearance around the top of the bowl. Birds eye grain emerges at the ends of straight grain. Paolo shapes the smoking pipes around these wonderful grains for his "Elite" Series. We only have one in stock, so get it while you can. 

Talamona's "Rustico" Series brings home a rugged, weathered look with Italian style. Rusticated pipes begin with a good piece of briar that has some problems. Maybe the grain is not stellar; perhaps there's a few pits making it less desirable. Or, the pipe carver could simply want an interesting pattern on the smoking pipe. After briar selection, the tobacco pipe is carved to the desired shape, and then the work begins. A bundle of carving tools [nails, chisels, drill bits, etc] is jabbed into the bowl and shank. The tool is twisted and worked to remove small bits of briar. The look is craggy and worn, great for a shop pipe or some additional character. Paolo Croci does things a little different for our Rustico - Nosewarmer. He decided the pipe needed an interesting pattern, and an alligator-skin look is the result. Italian alligator skin comes to the pipe world. This unique nosewarmer is the last Rustico in stock and on sale, so grab it while you can. 

Talamona's "Classico" Series depends on traditional shapes with splashes of Italian style. With less expensive, smooth pipes, a pipe carver has fewer options for an eye-catching smoking pipe. The briar failed to sustain excellent grain, but it showed few flaws. What's a pipe carver to do? The options are to rusticate, stain, or add a uniquely colored stem. For our Classicos, Paolo Croci leaves the tobacco pipes smooth, so we're down to stains and stems. Paolo delivers these traditionally shaped bowls with both options. Stains vary from dark brown to deep reds and some are left with a more natural look. Lighter stains darken uniquely as you smoke them while deeper stains carry a consistent look throughout the life of the smoking pipe. Croci excels with stems as well. He matches the stem color to compliment the stain of the bowl. From deep reds to translucent yellow and even the standard black, you can find a number of varieties in our collection of Talamona Classicos

Go to the website and bring home your next Italian classic. Whether you’re looking for a first pipe or a unique addition to your collection. Talamona by Paolo Croci delivers fine grain with the Elite series, one-of-a-kind rustication patterns with the Rustico, and affordable vintage shapes with the Classico. Visit the website to add one of these Italian classics to your collection.